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Monday, November 11, 2013

Fitter and Faster

Something you may have noticed.... I'm smaller.

Back in February, in order to change up my routine with the hopes of becoming a better athlete, I hired personal trainer Corey Enman of Fitamorphosis.  Upon signing on with him, I was measured and weighed.  At 5'10", I weighed 159 lbs, with 24% body fat.  While 24% body fat is a normal body size, it's a bit more than what a competitive female athlete should carry.

In about four months, that became 137 pounds and 18% body fat.  Though, in truth, I've gained about 3-4 pounds of that back, and I'm hovering around 140-141 pounds.
On the left, me in December 2011 at 159 lbs.  On the right, a slimmer and faster me.

As you well know, the exercise was already there, with the usual  swimming, biking, and running prescribed by Coach Gerardo of Fortius Racing, and two personal-training weight session per week.  But, with Corey, I've changed that up.  A once weekly session with Corey consists of high-intensity body weight and free weight exercises to burn fat and build muscle.  These may consist of running a mile in a 20-lb weighted vest while carrying two ten-pound dumbbells, burpees on a single leg, frog jumps, pushing a tire across a gym floor, amongst other challenging exercises done back-to-back-to-back.  Then, I'll usually add in one day a week of Barry's Boot Camp.  So that is two days of solid high-intensity strength training in addition to my cardio.

However, I would credit a better diet with my results.  I don't deprive myself.  I eat around 2000 calories per day.  Breakfast is a soy latte, oatmeal with fruit, and usually a smoothie or another piece of fruit later in the morning.  Lunch is typically a salad with tofu or tempha (a brown rice protein) and tons of veggies, and sometimes some quinoa and avocado.  Dinner is usually a stir-fry.  Snacks are fruit, or veggies and hummus, or trail mix.  And I've curtailed my nighttime noshing.

Key to the diet is logging all my food into MyFitnessPal, a free application, to keep me accountable, and to allow Corey to know what I'm eating.

Initially, my smaller body size didn't transform into much speed.  But, in the ensuing months, I am faster.  In fact, in the past three weeks, I have set new personal bests at the half marathon (1:48:34), 5k (23:01), and 10k (49:04).  Hopefully, that means that the Carlsbad Marathon in January will also be a personal best.
Before the Hard Rock Los Angeles 5K on November 2. 

I wouldn't suggest my previous weight was unhealthy -- it was healthy.  But, my lower weight helps me to move faster.

There's no shortcuts to health or speed -- it's hard work.  If you want the support you need to get your fittest and healthiest body, take Corey's FitCamp classes.  Click Here.