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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Base Training

I'm a few weeks into the base phase of Half Ironman training. I've also chosen my first triathlon of the season -- Wildflower Olympic distance on May 4. It's a challenging, hilly course. Further, it's known as the "Woodstock of Triathlons" since most people camp near the course the weekend of the event. Now, I've never been one to camp as I have a great appreciation for mattresses and indoor plumbing, but for a good event, I'll suck it up for one weekend and sleep in a tent.

I've started swimming again, and I think I'm going to join up with a master swim group soon.

And finally, because the bike is my achilles heel, I'm going to set up a private session with my coach to help out with my bike form. I know I'm very inefficient on my bike, and with fixing those problems, hopefully I'll move faster than my usual 14-15 mph on long rides.

Tomorrow I run hills. On Saturday I bike hills. My life is going to be full of hills for the next several weeks.


Vegan Run Amok said...

Wow, I haven't been camping in forever! I guess that adds another layer of logistics, but still, it sounds like fun! And I bet it's pretty!

Alec said...

And the hills will be watching you... (

Good luck on your base training and your race on May 4th. I guess camping and mud are appropriate if it is the Woodstock of triathlons.