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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Farmers Market

I love a trip to the farmers market. The produce is locally grown, less expensive than at the grocery stores, and absolutely delicious! On top of that, supporting your local farmers market is kinder to the environment, because your produce was transported from somewhere nearby, like San Luis Obispo, California, as opposed to, say, Chile.

This sandwich is created from my farmers market trip today. Fresh whole-wheat pita bread with avocado hummus, cucumber slices, and a chopped tomato. Don't mind the few bites taken of the sandwich -- it's the best way to show you what's inside. Paired with a salad and some strawberries also purchased at the market, a very filling lunch after my long run this morning.


Kate R said...

Can you tell me the recipe for avocado hummus, as those are my two favorite food related words in one sentence! Hope all's well.

Crash Course Cardiologist said...


We've got a few nice veggie grocery/restaurant options in the Boston/Cambridge, Mass. area, but it seems like California is much further ahead in terms of vegetarianism... wish we had more to choose from here... I'm jealous! :)

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute: in between saving lives, training, and racing, you have time to visit the farmer's market? Obviously you're slacking! -victoria

AJP said...

Avocado hummus!! That looks awesome. I envy the amount of avocado that Californians have easy access to, I wish avocado trees could grow in Boston. Easily my favorite fruit/veggie.