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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cookin' With Chef AJ!

Chef AJ is a plant-based chef who prepares unprocessed foods with no sugar, oil, or salt. I've taken some of her classes and have loved her food, but have never prepared any recipes, until now.

This is my Vitamix, and in it I am making her "Dream of Tomato" soup.  It includes tomatoes, red peppers, lemon, and some spices.  I love the "Hot Soup" function because it blends everything and at the end of a few minutes, you have.... guess what?  Hot soup!

To make it my own, I added flax seeds and a cup of soy milk.

And, here's her Cranberry Relish.  At Thanksgiving, I make cranberry sauce every year.  It has orange juice, which is very sugary, and then even MORE sugar added.  AJ's version is simple:  Cranberries, oranges, and dates.  And psyllium husk, which I didn't have, so I didn't use, but it doesn't need it.

I love this stuff.  I'm going to make this for my family for Thanksgiving, but for them I'll probably add a few extra dates to make it sweeter.

Learn more about Chef AJ's classes:

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Lisa is Raw on $10 a Day (or less!) said...

blended soups are great!