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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Training for Wildflower Long Course

It's been a bit too long since I've posted.... so I will update you on my training.  Coming soon, you'll get to read about my first Passover seder that I've hosted.  I will be having about 18 people at my home and the seder will all be vegan (and cardiologist-approved!)

51 mile bike ride yesterday -- climbed both Latigo and Mulholland!

I am again doing Wildflower Long Course -- a half Ironman-distance race (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run) which is one of the toughest in North America.  The bike course is hilly, as is the run which more than half of it is on trails.

This year, I've switched coaches to Gerardo from Fortius Coaching.  He's definitely having me train harder than I ever have for a half-ironman distance race.  Rather than the 12-hours per week that I've become accustomed to when getting ready for one of these races, I'm doing 16-17 hours per week of training.  He also has me doing far more hill work on the bike and running.  I can't remember the last training run that was completely flat!

Two years ago, I finished in 7 hours 11 minutes.  Last year was a disaster due to a busy few days at work beforehand, and my inability to get any sleep at the campground before the race.  This time around, I'm not camping -- after all, I hate camping.  A group of us is renting a house.  So, I plan on being well-rested with the chance of finishing in under 7 hours.

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