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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Vegans are the ONLY Normal Weight Population!

When classified by diet, a recent study found that people who are omnivores, who follow the Standard American Diet, are the heaviest, with an average body mass index of 28.8.

Flexitarians, who eat meat infrequently, weigh less, but are still overweight. 

Vegetarians, who do not eat meat, but may eat dairy or eggs, weigh even less, but even they are on average within the category of being overweight.

Vegans, who do not eat any animal products, are the only one of these four groups who are on average a NORMAL weight!

Watch a video discussing the findings from this study from the Journal of the American Diabetes Association here:

And while you're there, explore Dr. Michael Greger's web site,  There's some great information there, and Dr. Greger delivers the facts with his unique sense of humor.


Amanda said...

If we're talking statistics though, vegans and vegetarians also have a higher prevalence of eating disorders pre-veg, which carries over nicely into such a restricted diet (been vegan over 3 years so I'm not some random vegan-hater, but it is something I've noticed among vegans).

VeganHeartDoc said...

As you said, many people with eating disorders choose more restrictive diets, such as vegetarian or vegan. But, I do not think there are nearly enough people with eating disorders to account for that great of a difference in body size.

Elizabeth said...

Great link! I'm mostly a vegan, but don't like to be a nuisance when I'm eating in other's homes, etc. I went to Disneyland with family recently (just a few vegans among a large group) and gained 6 pounds in 4 days, and probably ate less volume than I do at home. But the added fat and salt really did me in. That place is a nightmare for vegans, even though I did my research before going. Thanks for the link with so much research; it may help stop the constant 'where do you get protein' from the non-vegan family members.

Anonymous said...

Vegan Heart Doc - you should see this documentary - Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.

I am certain you will enjoy it!

Michael Greger said...

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Lara baxter said...

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