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Sunday, June 08, 2014

Push-Up Challenge

Do you challenge yourself?  If you want to get fitter or stronger, you definitely should.  Several of my teammates from Fortius Racing Team and I have taken on a 100 push-up challenge per day each day for the month of June.

It's been an interesting experience.  On the first day, I struggled to get the 100 pushups done, 14 here, 10 there, then 5, then 5, then 5, and finally they were done and my arms and chest hurt!!!

A week into it, and I've gotten stronger and a bit more creative.  Here I am stopped on my bike ride yesterday doing some push-ups.

And on Friday, I did a few after my swim in the ocean:

Even after a week, I feel stronger.  Today as I got out of the pool in the deep end, I was able to do a full "deck-up", whereby I use both hands on the pool ledge to pull myself straight out of the pool.  No leaning on a forearm, no ladder, no lurching my belly onto the pool deck.  I pushed myself straight out of the pool.

By the end of the month, I will have done 3,000 push-ups.


Orendurff said...

Trying to do strength training while doing an endurance exercise is not very effective. AMPK activated during endurance exercise blocks mTOR-raptor and prevents protein transcription. Do you push ups on another day and you'll get much more from them. Read Vernon Coffey's work from RMIT.


Orendurff said...
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