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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Surround Yourself with Greatness

This evening, I went to Tru Fit Boot Camp, at a time I don't usually work out, but a time when I know a lot of tough athletes show up.  We were asked to split into workout groups after a warm-up run.  During the run, I saw one woman who absolutely flew, could probably run circles around me.  I followed her and joined her group.  Throughout the hourlong workout, I kept my eye on her.  Whenever I felt like stopping, I saw her out of the corner of my eye, and I kept on plugging away.  My workout this evening was awesome.

I don't like to be the slowest or least fit, because that's just not good for the ego.  But I sure don't want to be the fastest.

I like to be pushed, physically and mentally, to my limits, because that's how we get stronger.

I seek out challenge.  I've worked out with personal trainers who have pushed me to the point of sweating, grunting, and cursing (Corey, Rick, Kiki all come to mind).  I ride century cycling events with Ruth, who even though she's 60 years old, can ride circles around me and climb better than most women half her age.  I swim with my team, including Michelle who smacks my feet when I'm going too slow.  And I'll run with Kelly, a 3:33 marathoner, who as I grunt my way through 800 yard repeats, is just ahead of me running effortlessly.

Challenge yourself and get stronger and fitter.


PGYx said...

I feel the same way about professional and intellectual endeavors. I have always aimed to surround myself with folks who are smarter than I am, which in turn greatly stimulates my own education and growth.

I think for most endeavors if growth is one's aim, it's never good to be the smartest, hardest working, most accomplished, or most altruistic person in the room. The top tier folks (who themselves are always improving) constantly remind me to aim for better. Thanks for helping me to extend this approach to fitness.

Sukhbinder Singh said...

I have just come across your blog and I am intrigued.

There is a lot of evidence now emerging about the harmful effects of endurance exercise - higher incidence of arrhythmias, coronary calcification, right ventricular dilation, cardiomyopathy. As a cardiologist what's your opinion on this - may be the a topic for a blog post.