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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Here is a nice positive article about vegetarianism, entitled "Protein a key concern for vegetarians"

It's very positive about vegetarianism. It talks about a restaurant in Atlanta called Cafe Sunflower -- I've been there and it's delicious.

But, I disagree that protein is a "key concern" for vegetarians. Anyone who consumes a balanced vegetarian diet will get plenty of protein. We only need 10% of our calories from protein. Most Americans are well in excess of that.

And why don't we talk about the "key concerns" of the standard American diet -- obesity, diabetes, heart attacks, stroke, osteoarthritis, hypertension, high cholesterol........ ???


The Girl said...

I agree - we all know that for the sensible vegetarian/vegan who eats a balanced diet, protein is not a concern.

Perhaps they are thinking about the junk-food vegetarian/vegan, who has replaced hamburgers and chips with vegeburgers and chips, or attempts to live on a diet of chips, cookie dough and coke.

I wish we saw more popular press articles on potential deficiencies in the standard diet. :(

C said...

I actually have the opposite concern. Several of my family members have had kidney stones exacerbated by excess protein, so my doc actually recommended a lower-protein vegetarian diet. I'm far more concerned about my tendency toward anemia than i am about getting protein. Huh.