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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Staying on Track During the Holidays

Sometimes we fall off the wagon and a few pounds creep on. We ease up from our good habits, cut out a day or two of exercise, slip up on the diet with a few extra cocktails or chips and dip at a few social gatherings. Over the course of a few weeks, they may lead to a few extra pounds.

Now, we don't just gain weight for no reason. Our weight reflects a balance of what we take in, food and beverages, and what energy we expend by exercising or through our daily activities. A gain in weight means we're either moving less or eating more, or both.

The first thing to do is to take a step back and analyze what it is we're doing wrong. Next we have to decide how to correct that.

For watching what we eat, one of the most effective strategies I've found is a food diary. Write down everything you eat, the quantities of each food, and the number of calories. Share the list with your doctor. Or, use it to be accountable to yourself. That way, if you're tempted to have another four cookies, you know you'll have to write it down, and will be less likely to splurge.

And, even if everything you eat is vegan, that doesn't automatically mean it's healthy. I'm a big fan of Turtle Mountain Purely Decadent vegan chocolate almond fudge brownie ice cream, but even vegan treats need to be consumed in moderation.

Exercise time is one of the first things to disappear at this time of year too. But, make a commitment to stay in shape. Write in exercise "appointments" on your calendar, just like any other appointment that you would make. Or, if your exercise routine is getting stale, try something new.

I find the show The Biggest Loser to be really inspiring. If you've "fallen off the wagon", I find it helpful to see people who are even farther off from their goals reach them through hard work.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

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