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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Thoughts from a Weekend On Call

It's been a busy weekend. I didn't get a chance to work out, which makes me feel like a complete sloth.

I do love my job. I save lives. Honestly. And it's a great feeling when I do get the chance to help someone.

Other times, I'm asked to see patients who are critically ill, who have already something very bad happen to them. Often it's like being asked to see Humpty Dumpty after he's fallen off the wall, and being asked to do what all the king's horses and all the king's men can't do.
This weekend has had elements of both, and I am emotionally exhausted.
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VeggieGirl said...

I can only imagine how difficult it is (both emotionally AND physically) to be in your position, helping those who desperately need it the most. Take care, and try to stay as positive as you can, Heather.

Alec said...

Heather, I often times think about healthcare in this country and think that a lot more emphasis must be placed on preventative medicine; educating people on how to take care of themselves better before they were really sick. If more people took care of themselves with a good diet and exercise, they would have so many less health problems down the road. Do you feel this is the case too? I wish more people would care about their health BEFORE they were sick, overweight with high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.