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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Great Workout at the Track

Tonight I did a track workout with the Los Feliz Flyers. For me, it was a great workout, showing that my splits are getting better even in this ridiculous heat and humidity.

I feel fabulous -- another reason I participate in triathlons is that I have a bit of a competitive streak. Mostly competitive with myself, to see if I can do better and push myself harder. However, I will admit that I did gloat a little bit about beating JLo at Malibu by over 15 minutes.

I do have a new goal in mind. It's a bit of a long term goal for my running. I'm not ready to share it until I discuss with Coach Jamie and determine that I'm not completely out of my mind to think that I can achieve this goal. But, if I can achieve this goal.... then wow.... More later on that topic, maybe.
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Jen said...

Ha! Congrats on beating J-Lo :-) Can't wait to hear about the running goal...

Stephanie said...

Are you thinking about running a 100 miler???