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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Is Soy Dangerous?

Many myths exist about soy not being safe -- that it can increase risk of breast cancer, cause hypothyroidism, and increase sterility in men.

Neal Barnard, M.D. wrote an editorial for The Huffington Post that dispels these myths.
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There are many benefits of soy, including reducing risk of cancer, decreasing LDL cholesterol, reducing the risk of uterine fibroids, and lessening the risk of fractures.

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herself75 said...

Good to know. We're having soy pudding for desert tonight and soy milk is a staple in this house.

Anonymous said...

Yet it does the have the potential to disrupt one's menstrual cycle. I turned vegan a month and a half ago (have been ovo-lacto for nearly twenty, with some years leaning heavily towards veganism). My period has run like clockwork-except last month, where, after consuming a serving or two of soy based products, I got my period twice in a month. I've eliminated soy and soymilk products and hope my body will readjust in the coming couple of months. I see absolutely no other variable that could have caused such a disruption in my menstrual cycle.

Anonymous said...

nearly twenty YEARS
consuming a serving or two A DAY

I apologize for being imprecise and the back to back posts. I enjoy your blog and admire your athletic determination!!!

Maurintius said...

Isn't it so that soy organically grown is very healthy but the soy which is dangerous to your health is the soy which is genetically modified?