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Monday, February 22, 2010

Recovery Hike

The view from my morning recovery hike to the Hollywood Reservoir, taken by my cell phone camera.
After running 20 miles this weekend, today is a rest day.


Melanie said...

Hi there! I know this isn't the right place to comment, but I couldn't find an email for you. I am also vegan (yay), a Registered Dietitian and currently in school to become a Physician Assistant! In two weeks I'm going to Cancun for a few days and as I was searching for resources - a page on Wellsphere with your blog about going to Cancun (2008) popped up! So I decided to write and ask your advice!! My email is: - please write when you can, thanks!!!

Middle Age Spread said...

I'm looking to get back to some regular exercise. I've done cardio and some strength work in the past but ultimately I get bored with the workout. I have tried running and biking and have had similar problems.

I've read recently about interval training and was wondering if there's a scientific/medical basis to it. As I understand it, one does intense bursts of some skill between periods of lower intensity activity. Typical workouts for beginners are 30 or so minutes which I think I could handle. This is supposed to reduce frustrating plateaus and potentially add variety through a mix of skills that can keep things fresh for the long haul.

I would like to ensure that this isn't snake oil before trying it, though. This would be in conjunction with a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet which I've maintained for a long time.