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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Where I'm at... and it isn't blogging!

I've slacked terribly in updating this blog lately.....

But, life as a multisport athlete has been exciting.  I just found out that I made the US Womens Masters Triathlon Team for the Maccabiah Games in Israel in 2013.  It's one of those things I would not have imagined happening when I did my first triathlon seven years ago.

I have two races this month, a sprint and then an olympic distance race.  But, my big races are in August -- USAT Age Group Nationals in Burlington, Vermont, followed by Bulldog 50K, my first ultra-marathon.

My next blog post will be of substance, I promise.  Here's a few topics I'm mulling:
-Is endurance sport training bad for the heart?  Oooh there's lots of good stuff here...
-I signed up for a 50 mile trail run.  Am I out of my mind?
-Or, what do you want to hear about?


Eat Their Young said...

Wow, I'm really glad I found your blog!! I'm a vegan runner as well, though not as seasoned as you yet :) I live in Australia and read a lot of blogs written by other vegan athletes but the fact that you're a cardiologist lends great strength to your words. It's great to have someone with your qualifications advocating for a cruelty free lifestyle.

Keep writing and running and I'll certainly keep reading!!


P.s my screen name is the name of my's a bit weird :P

mrxrt said...

Hello, VHD. I have enjoy your blog very much over the years. When I am reading your entries, several questions are always in my head:

How is your time allocated in a typical day? With your profession and your ‘hobby’, what is a typical day like for you? Work, training, working at home etc.

During your training, what do you eat in a typical day, and what is the timing. Also, how does your eating vary in the off-season?

Which supplements, if any, do you take?

Those are just a few things that have been on my mind. Thanks for being an inspiration to all of us vegan athletes!

Jillian said...


I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could email me?


dorothycoughlan said...

Health and fitness wise, triathlon consists of the three exercises which are best for one's cardiovascular and musculoskeletal system, good for you. I am sure participants are required to have health insurance before joining this competition.

Ian from The Vegan Option said...

Congratulations and good luck!

I'm trying to track down vegan Olympians for the next episode of The Vegan Option. Thus far, like everyone else, I only know about Venus Williams.

I realise that most are amateur athletes and I'll only find this out through word of mouth. Do you happen know of any triathletes in any countries' Olympic team who are vegan?

om said...

Congratulations and thank you for being such an amazing example of a vegan athlete!! And the fact that you are medical doctor is the (vegan) icing on the cake.

I am so pleased to have found your blog and will be placing a link to it on my Om Chef blog . Many of my clients are completely new to the plant based diet and to be able to refer them to your blog is a gift...thank you!

Om Chef