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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Veggie-Bean Burritos with Creamy Avocado Cashew Sauce

I made the Chipotle Veggie-Bean Burritos with Creamy Avocado Cashew Sauce from Dreena Burton's Vive le Vegan! Other than chopping some green peppers, celery, and red onion, this was pretty easy to prepare. The burrito is topped with some Follow Your Heart cheddar cheese and the Creamy Avocado Cashew Sauce.


Gluten FreeVegan said...

Wow, this looks yummy....Im sure I can use corn tortillas and get the same results....can't wait to try it out!

Urban Vegan said...

the sauce sounds insanely creamy. I need to try some new sauces.

KleoPatra said...


I'm forever looking for new ways to have a creamy, cheezy vibe...

Sarah W said...


I swear I need to visit your blog more often. The motivation to cook healthy is returning - - heck, just the notion of cooking is actually a pleasant thought! Thanks again for the assistance!


Emmy said...

Yum, that sauce sounds terrific. I have that cookbook but haven't tried that recipe yet.