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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Camp Pendleton Sprint Triathlon

It was a different kind of triathlon -- the first one that I've done that was entirely on a military base. It was also the longest bike in a triathlon that I've ever done -- 30 kilometers or 18.6 miles.

I'm awful on the bike. If I was good enough that I could contend for a medal, then this was the wrong race. But this was my usual performance: do well on the swim, get passed by lots of people on the bike, and pass a few people on the run.

I don't have the official results until Wednesday. But I know that based on the distance of the bike and the huge number of people passing me, this was not a shining race for me.

My next goal is to become better on the bike. I'm going to have my bike fitted, just to make sure that any mechanical issues that are slowing me down are taken care of. In other words, that involves taking my bike to a shop and having it fine-tuned to fit me. I think I need to raise the seat a bit, but I'm not sure. My trainer says he's going to be working with me on a spinning bike too.

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Anonymous said...

congrats on completing another tri! it's awesome that you know how you can improve yourself and that you have a trainer who can assist you!