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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Shunsh Kashish

That's Armenian for "Take a deep breath."

English is not the first language of the vast majority of my patients. In fact, more than half of my patients barely speak English. If only I spoke Armenian, the first language of 80% of my patients. Or Spanish. Or Tagalog.

I've developed a small vocabulary of Armenian. Just the medical basics. In chveses -- how are you? Lavay -- good. Tsav unis -- do you have pain? Barke -- lie down. Nustie -- sit up. Batz -- open. Pagai -- close. And a few others.

Pee pee and poop are universal words too.

I really do wish I spoke a second language. I took Latin in high school. Everyone told me how helpful it would be in medicine. What a waste. Don't believe the hype, kids. Learn Spanish.


Anonymous said...

i took spanish..and am sooo very grateful...

Christie Love said...

I took Latin in high school. It was useless. I really wish I took Spanish instead. Funny thing is that I know more Spanish than Latin.