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Friday, February 29, 2008

Race Day Strategery

I'm ready. But a few things I'm not sure of:

Who do I run with? My run group has a 4:30 pace group and a 5:00 pace group. I don't know that I can keep up with a 4:30 group for the entire race, and I think 5:00 would be too slow for me. Should I suck it up and go with the 4:30's and drop back if they're too fast for me, or go it alone and time myself doing 11 minute miles, and if I feel good at the halfway point, picking up the pace? Or, maybe I'll find a 4:45 group from another running club and join them.

Do I wear a hat? It will keep me cool, but will it feel funny since I haven't run with one recently? Will I look good for pictures in a hat? :)

And how about the fuel belt? Do I run with my trusty two 10-ounce bottles of PowerBar Endurance Fruit Punch drink and two 10-ounce bottles of water, or will I run faster with eight fewer pounds around my waist? And then where do I put my Clif Shots and Gu? Maybe I'll safety pin them to my body.

I am leaning toward the following:
-Joining onto a 4:45 group and if there is none then going it alone.
-No hat. Headband and sunglasses, with pony tail.
-No fuel belt to weigh me down. Drink at all water/Gatorade stations. Safety pinning Clif Shots and Gu to my shorts.

Regardless of these little details, I've made it this far without any significant injuries. I am ready!!!


Veg*Triathlete said...

good luck! ill be rooting for you this morning :-)

jessibeaucoup said...

Best of luck on your race!

Vegan Run Amok said...

Good luck, Heather! You're going to do great!! :)

Veg*Triathlete said...

Oops, I'll be rooting for you TOMORROW morning! (I rooted for you this morning by mistake, too... oh, well! If you felt especially strong & fast this morning, that was because of me ;-)

Charlie said...

Have a good time!
Sounds like you have all the details worked out.
Good luck.

Matt! said...

I'll look for you! Though it's kinda doubtful that you'll see this before the race, since it starts in 8 or so hours. Shit, I should go to sleep! I won't be wearing a cool shirt, but I'm probably one of only a few people with tattoos covering both legs running the marathon, so if you see that, shout! There are 25,000 other people out there, but I think our goal times are similar!

Alec said...

Good luck today Heather! I'm sure you'll do great no matter your race strategy.