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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Shojin -- Organic Macrobiotic Japanese Cuisine

I love trying new restaurants. While there are plenty of vegetarian restaurants in the Los Angeles area, other than Madeleine Bistro, there aren't many that offer fine dining.

Shojin was a new adventure for a friend and I this evening in Little Tokyo. The restaurant offers vegan, macrobiotic, organic Japanese cuisine. We ordered the special menu, a five course menu of pre-selected items. It came with ponzu seitan (pictured below), a tempura avocado hand roll with soy paper, sea vegetable salad, spaghetti with vegetables, and a fruit tart for dessert.

The food was absolutely delicious and healthy.

Click here to visit Shojin.


Anonymous said...

YAY! That's so cool! It *is* really hard finding upscale vegan-friendly restaurants. My husband & I are going to Vancouver for our anniversary, and I was trying to book us a dinner at a nice restaurant, and NONE of them had vegetarian (forget vegan) items on their menus! Finally I booked us a table at Lumiere -- but not until I called or emailed all the other upscale restaurants in Vancouver and let them know we were not going to visit them because their menu pretended that people like me don't exist. Because I'm all gracious & forgiving like that. ;-) Victoria

Minority Report said...

Thanks for the pointers, Doc. It is hard to find much vegetarian downtown.

I often fight traffic from the Beach Cities to go to this place in Fountain Valley:

The food is very good but the dishes are named after the respective meat or seafood analogs.