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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Welcoming New Patients!

This ad recently appeared in the LA Times and Daily News.


Permission to Mother said...

Your advert is very well worded and educational. Very nice.

HugeMD said...

I've hesitated to comment on your blog even though I've wanted to-- Fat (but less than she used to be), meat-eating doctor not particularly wanting to bring herself to the attention of a vegan cardiologist).

I really like your attitude toward patients and lifestyle change. You don't seem to have that all or nothing attitude that so many physicians have--"I told my patient to lose weight and they didn't, so they're noncompliant and I can't do anything for them".

You seem to understand that change is a process. You are going to help so many more patients by understanding that and helping them come to understand that than by lecturing them on what they should and shouldn't do and expecting it to happen instantaneously. We need more of you in our profession and your specialty!

Urban Environmentalist said...

Great! Your approach is a breath a fresh air for many patients I'm sure!