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Monday, March 05, 2012

Running With Dogs

I've never loved "recovery runs".  They're usually on days when I'm tired out from doing a long run the day before.

I've turned them into an opportunity -- to exercise my dogs.

I have two retired racing greyhounds.  This is Gold.  He is 8 years old.  Once upon a time, he chased a stuffed rabbit around a track.  Now he chases me as I shuffle through the neighborhood.

And this is Curves.  She is 6 years old.  She is a greyhound, but at her petite size of 51 pounds, she was never a racer.
These guys are 45 mile per hour sprinters who can catch a squirrel in my backyard (yes that's pretty gross cleaning up the mess).  But when it comes to distance running, I am a little faster than they are.  We're happy doing a 11-12 minute per mile pace.

We stop a lot.  We sniff and pee and poop on things (well, I don't do those things, but my dogs do).  We say hello to other dogs in the neighborhood.  And overall, we have a good time.

The dogs are great companions.  They get my mind off of worrying about my pace.  They remind me of why I run -- to escape, to feel good, to free my mind of stress and obligations.

And when they are exercised, they are happier.

 Here we are.  One big happy family of runners.


CaniRunners said...

What lovely dogs you have. Here in the UK, running with dogs is becoming a highly competitive sport. I have been doing canicross for a few years now and I wouldn’t think of leaving my buddies behind. If it wasn’t for canicross I would not be anywhere near as active as I am now.

Nurse and Hospital Stories said...

"They remind me of why I run -- to escape, to feel good, to free my mind of stress and obligations."

Ah, dogs are not just man's best friend but also a great therapy. :)

Peny@scrub uniforms

Anonymous said...

Hey Heather. I love your dogs. I just lost my two greys this year. Both to bone cancer. :( Love them well. I'm a nice Jewish boy in San Diego and like your blog. Here is mine on greyhound corns. Give your greys a hug for me. I will get two more soon. Shalom.

VeganLinda said...

We just adopted a black smallish greyhound who was used for breeding not racing. She is also about six years old. She inspires the entire family to run and is a sweetie.