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Sunday, November 04, 2012

DNF at Santa Clarita

I was supposed to run the NYC Marathon.  You know that if you've read my last 2 posts.  Instead, I signed up to run the local Santa Clarita Marathon.

I started at a good pace, 9:10-9:15 per mile.  My heart rate was a little high, but I felt okay.  I kept that up, give or take a couple minutes, through mile 13.  Then it all fell apart.  I can't say there was anything that specifically hurt.  I felt tired.  I just couldn't keep up the pace.  It was a bit hot out too.  Any attempt to run had my heart rate around 180.  Around mile 14 I starter walking some intervals.  Then I found myself walking more.

Just after Mile 18, I was at Magic Mountain Parkway, and knew the finish line geographically was only a mile away.  I took off my race bib and walked to the finish area, grabbed my gear, and left.

Sure, I could have finished.  I would have walked and run, and I would have finished in 5 hours or maybe a little longer.  But I didn't come to just *finish* a marathon.  I came to finish a marathon well.  And if I had schlepped another 8 miles to the finish line, I would be sore and fatigued for several more days.  By cutting my losses at mile 18, I know I'll be recovered sooner.

Training was spot-on.  I did all my workouts.  I even did my yoga.  I think this is all mental.  It's been a stressful week in all manners, particularly trying to decided whether to go to NYC, and then of course personal issue.

I'm not sure what to do next.  My next race is December 1, the North Face 50k.  I want to complete an ultramarathon, but I'm not excited about a terrible marathon performance hanging over my head.  There's the CIM Marathon in Sacramento and the Rock N Roll Las Vegas Marathon, both on December 2.  I could run either of those, and the Las Vegas race is even offering a 20% discount to those of us who were registered to run NYC this year.

All I know is today was not my day.

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