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Monday, November 07, 2005

Got the Job!

Was surprised by a page this morning as I was finishing up a case in the Lab. It was the program that I interviewed at 10 days ago -- while they were planning to wait until January to offer spots, they really liked me and wanted to offer me a position!!!

Put me in a tough spot -- have one more interview 10 days from now, but they want to hear this week. I told them I'd get back to them. I think I'm going to take the position.


Am on call tonight -- home call, that is. Did one acute case in the Lab, will likely have to go back at some point to do another in the middle of the night. But, thanks to ACGME rules, if I get called in again, I can likely take off the afternoon tomorrow.

My hands are so gross! Whenever I'm in the Lab during the fall or winter, they get itchy, crack and bleed. Steroid cream and moisturizer help somewhat. It's not a latex allergy -- I've been tested for that.

Well goodnight... hopefully the Lab will not call me back and all my patients will stay healthy tonight.

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