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Monday, November 21, 2005

This Town is Too Small

Way too small. I ran into one of my patients at my gym today.

"Dr. Lowenstein?" (not my real name)

I turn around. "Mr. Albertson!" (not his real name either)

"Good memory! How are you?"

And hence started our odd smalltalk. Of course I remember the guy -- 54 year-old who had a heart attack about one and a half years ago. I cared for him as a first year fellow on our CCU. He drinks too much, but otherwise is doing ok. Granted, at his last appointment 6 months ago I suggested he join this gym with the tongue-in-cheek caveat that "you might run into your cardiologist", I never really thought about what to say to a patient in the gym, or the grocery store, or anywhere else outside the office.

As I was leaving, I thought of what to say. "Good to see you. Keep up the hard work and have a great Thanksgiving," was going to be my line. But, I looked around for him and he was gone.

Nonetheless, it's good to see patients taking my advice and exercising.

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