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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Morningstar Farms Steak Strips and other Vegan Eating Adventures

mmmmm yummy!

Found them on my jaunt through the local health food store. Threw them in a wok with eggplant, broccoli, and a garlic sauce. Yum! The steak was a bit mushy since I didn't read the instructions that said to only cook it 3-4 minutes...oops!

Met 2 girlfriends for lunch. After an hour and a half Master Swim workout, I was super-hungry. I got a veggie-filled breakfast burrito with salsa and some home fries, only after my usual barrage of annoying vegan questions: Can you make that without the egg and cheese? Can you add more veggies? Is there any butter used to fry the burrito? What about the home fries that come with it -- any butter? Then after I saw the fruit of the day decided I had to eat that too. I was so full, and that was 3 hours ago, but I'm hungry again! Gotta feed the tapeworm.

Dinner will be sauteed sweet onions/shallots, a bit of canola oil, carrots, white beans, and veggie broth. I throw it in the food processor, and it looks nasty at first, but it is so yummy and full of protein and vitamins and is quite healthy.


stella said...

I'm not sure about the carrot shit doc, but your wierdy aubergine (i cannot call it eggplant....) broc & vegan steaky thing with garlic sauce sounds worth a try.

Heh. How cool to be quoted on someone else's blog! Cheers doc. And, sorry, but I have had a coupla glasses of wine, but its purely because it was there, begging to be drunk. Ah well.

VeganDoc said...

I've never heard eggplant being called aubergine. I feel truly accultured. Thanks della :)

stella said...

we are talking about the longish, bulging, purple vegetable that goes well with courgettes aren't we? Otherwise I shall feel silly.

VeganDoc said...

Yes, long purple vegetable. What's a courgette?

stella said...

hahahahaha - zuccini!