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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Up All Night in the Cardiac Cath Lab

I think I spoke too soon in my last blog. I get into bed, get comfortable, fall asleep, and no less than an hour later, the pager goes off -- MI ALERT. That means someone is in the midst of a heart attack and we are emergently being called back to the Lab. I throw on scrubs, hop in my car, and speed the ten miles in my car to the hospital.

The case seemed to take forever. And when we were finally done sometime after 3 am, we were requested to emergently do a heart catheterization on a braindead person who would be an organ donor.

Slept at the hospital for 2 hours, woke up and did one more case. Fortunately the case went smoothly, and I went home shortly thereafter to sleep for the day.

Slept for much of the morning and early afternoon, woke up, and called to accept the fellowship position for next year. Then got a phone call from my future program director. Seems like a really good guy.

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