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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

How's the Training?

It's good. I'm swimming with a masters swim group 1-2 mornings per week, spinning 2 times per week, running when I can, and doing a little weight training and an occasional kickboxing class.

Running is a challenge right now, because every so often my iliotibial band gets inflamed -- that's the injury I've been dealing with since December. I'd love to do speed workouts, but our running coach says I should take it easy, and I think she's right.

Another bonus of getting back into training is that I'm finally taking off the 12 or so pounds I gained during the cold weather. I always gain weight in the fall and lose in the spring. It's not a good habit, I know.

My first triathlon is June 9, the Hyannis Sprint Triathlon. I think a couple of coworkers will be doing it too, which will be fun.


KleoPatra said...

Go Vegan Doc!! Good luck in the training, and take it easy with the running so you don't aggravate the injury.

Urban Vegan said...

you are just amazing. your patients must find you so inspiring. personally, i exercise and i always feel like I should and could be doing more when I check in here.

lynda Bascelli said...

Hi -- I just found your blog, and I am sure that I will be back again! I am a family doctor, and a new vegan, and am anxious to talk to my patients more about the health benefits. Any suggestions?

VeganDoc said...

Lynda -- a great source of medical information on vegetarian diets is I also give out their "Vegetarian Starter Kits", which give patients advice on how to improve their diets and how a vegetarian diet is good for health.