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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Passover Seder, Vegan Style!!

I visited my family this weekend for Passover and contributed a few vegan dishes for our seder, the festive dinner where we tell the story of Passover. The recipes are all from Roberta Kalechofsky's The Vegetarian Pesach Cookbook.

This is the Sweet Potato Orange Pudding, which was good but I found to be too sweet.

This is a Vegetable Nut Loaf. It's time-consuming, with lots of vegetable chopping and peeling, but quite filling. It's a bit dry, like most Passover foods, as real flour can't be used, but it goes well with an apricot marinade.

And now for the best of the three: Multi-National Potato Casserole. It's a dish with a layer of mashed potatoes on the bottom and top, and in the middle a layer of sauteed onions and portobello mushrooms. This came out quite good. The pictures are staggered to show you the different layers.

Finally, what's a meal without dessert? And, better yet, a Passover dessert that doesn't have twelve eggs in it? Can it be done? The answer is a resounding YES! This is the No Bake Chocolate Matzoh Roll. Kind of an interesting concept -- melted chocolate, a little bit of coffee, sugar, margarine, and moist matzah, rolled up with chocolate glaze and strawberries on top. My 92 year-old grandmother, the ultimate food critic, enjoyed it, and I thought it was pretty decent too.
So, that was seder. Proof that you can be vegan and eat well on Passover.


Homosexual Christmas tin soldier said...
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KleoPatra said...


You have no idea how fantastic it is to see this, H.

I made do w/what i could at my parents' Seder (i was only able to attend the first night's) and wish i'd had some of what you brought.

SO COOL. Thanks for sharing!

um yeah said...

It all looks so good.

Anonymous said...

Your Seder meal looks wonderful (and very heart healthy). Speaking of, I saw this article about heart health and treatment in the NY Times this morning, and thought you might find it interesting: