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Friday, October 30, 2009

I Am Burned Out

I haven't been enjoying running lately.  While I love to run, as of late I absolutely dread getting on the treadmill.

Today I came to a realization:  I have been training for something for over two years.  A half marathon.  A marathon.  A half ironman.  Another triathlon.

I need a break.

I exercise and train beause I enjoy it.  I do it for me.  So, when it ceases to be a fun challenge, I think that means I need to take a break.

I am dropping out of the CIM Marathon that I signed up for on December 6.  For the next two months, I will be exercising for fun.  Though I may do a few short 5k or 10k races, there will be no big events to train for.  I'm going to do things that I haven't done in a while -- kickboxing, rollerblading, and spinning.  I may even try some new things, like pilates or yoga.

I hope to come back refreshed in two months and ready to start base training for Ironman Lake Placid in July 2010.


Christie said...

I hear you. I learned quickly that I don't like racing. Once I start pressuring myself, I no longer enjoy it. I'm doing a lot of yoga these days. I highly recommend it.

Stefania said...

That's how I felt last year. I was training for a couple of races and by the end of it I didn't enjoy running. It was too much juggling and no longer fun. Taking a break is the way to go.

Stefania (formerly The Veg Next Door)

speedvegan said...

I'm in the same boat. I had so much fun last year doing a few races. This year, I jam-packed my calendar with a lot more (and longer) races. Suddenly, my goal of keeping things balanced seems unattainable and I am incredibly unhappy. I am planning to schedule fewer races next year and definitely taking a break after my last race this year.

Sometimes we need to take a step back, learn to have fun again and make training completely optional. I've always found those kind of workouts more fulfilling anyway.

Good luck to you !

Sara said...

Heh that's so funny. How 'bout kayaking? It's a hard workout and totally different, and pretty to be out there and exploring. Appeals to the sense of adventure.

I sure don't exercise for fun. I HATE it. But it always feels better after and I want to be buff and fit. It's funny to hear that people really enjoy actually doing it. I have to have something entertaining on the TV in front of the machine or I go nuts. Even then my maximum at a time is about 20 minutes, then I have to go do something else and come back for another 20 when I'm less bored.

I guess maybe if I really ever were competitive at something it would be another motivator...

LOL and don't get me started on yoga! I went to one class, and it was a good one, but man I couldn't stop looking at the clock. Too serene for me! At one point, I realized that she wasn't winding up, that the class was going to be an hour and a half, not an hour. I almost died from all that quiet and deep breathing!

Marcia said...

I get that way too. I am not a "runner" in the classic sense. I'm slow. I'm training for a my first half, and I'd be thrilled to hit a 10:00 mile, but 10:30 is probably more like it (hips can't take the faster speed).

But 2x a week my training runs are on the treadmill, and I absolutely dread it. I am enjoying the longer 8-10 mile runs on the weekends (which I used to HATE).

I enjoy dabbling. I am looking forward to cutting back running to 2x per week, and picking up more yoga, biking, and weightlifting again. I just started yoga a month ago. I am someone who can never shut my brain down, and it's FORCING me to do so. I have to spend so much concentration holding the poses, that the next thing you know, I'm relaxed. Which is amazing, because I flunked "breathing" during childbirth classes.

Marcia said...

Hey, I just read that you did the Santa Barbara Tri. If you are feeling impulsive again, the Santa Barbara International Marathon (first ever) is December 6.

If you've got an impulsive friend, there's the option of running it in a relay. I couldn't convince my friend to run the relay with me (too pricey). But I'll be there cheering on some other folks!

WMC Training Pilates Nutrition said...

Every body deserves a break, even you, lady! Take care of yourself. Happy to throw you on the reformer to repair, stretch and work some muscles that haven't been fully utilized (or exhausted) in your run/bike/swim repetoire. See you soon!