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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

New Adventures

On my first day of exercising for fun, I ran.

On my second day of exercising for fun, I biked.

Sound like a broken record of a triathle's life?

But, when I went running, I didn't have my GPS or my heart rate monitor.  I just went out and ran up and down a few hills for fun.

And, for my bike ride, someone asked me, "How far are you going?"  Normally, I know exactly how far I need to ride that day.  My answer was, "I don't know, I'm just going up."  It ended up being a fun 15 mile round-trip ride from the LA Zoo up to the Griffith Park Observatory.

Yesterday I tried  a boxing boot camp class.  I hadn't been to a boxing class in a couple of years, so I was a bit rusty with the punches.  However, given my running and triathlon background, I had no trouble keeping up with the class physically. 

Unfortunately, since boxing uses muscles that we don't use to swim/bike/run, I am still pretty sore. Even taking a deep breath strains a few muscles!
I am enjoying my new exercise program, in spite of the soreness.
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Urban Environmentalist said...

good for you :) boxing class definitely sounds like a great new adventure!

Anonymous said...

So psyched you're having fun with exercise!

On another note: I mnow this isn't the lo-carb debate forum, but my cholesterol DROPPED significantly after 6 mos on Atkins. Dr. A wrote the liver produces more cholesterol in response to blood sugar spikes. So, controlling blood sugar should result in lower total cholesterol, even if you're eating more animal fat, which turned out to be the case for me.

Today, no longer on Atkins, still a vegetarian, with a BMI of 21, my TC is high. Which makes me wonder whether Atkins actually works at controlling serum cholesterol. Which certainly would NOT mean that it's the best or only way to control serum cholesterol, or an ethical or sustainable approach to eating. -victoria

VeganHeartDoc said...

Victoria -- Cholesterol drops if you drop weight, no matter how you drop it.

Of interest, Atkins can raise HDL, the "good" cholesterol, but the increased HDL is said to not be effective beneficial cholesterol.

It would be interesting to see the breakdown of your cholesterol and what numbers changed in addition to your total cholesterol.