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Sunday, November 08, 2009

What I'm Reading

Caldwell Esseltsyn Jr. is a cardiovascular surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic who asked twenty-four patients with severe coronary disease to make radical changes to their diets and follow a low-fat plant-based vegan diet.

The results are incredible.  Through diet alone, these patients were able to halt the progression of their heart disease and save their lives.  It also includes several very simple recipes for low-fat heart-healthy meals and snacks.

As this book demonstrates, diet is so important in heart disease.  This is why I discuss food at just about every patient encounter.

If you're not sure whether you can change your diet to improve your heart health and change your life, read this book!!!


Urban Environmentalist said...

Great reccommendation. Thanks for posting!

O Primitivo said...

Hi, Dr!. Low-fat diets increase the risk of heart disease in women, like we have seen in the Women's Health Inititative Study. and vegan diets never existed in primitive cultures, they're unhealthy for a series of reasons. We need animal proteins, cholesterol and saturated fats for good heart and overall health. Good books about heart health are "Reverse Heart Disease Now", by Dr. James Roberts and Dr. Sinatra, and also "Malignant Medical Myths" by Dr. Joel M. Kauffman. Evrything by Dr. Uffe Ravnskov is also very good. Here are some other book suggestions:

VeganHeartDoc said...

The Women's Health Initiative wasn't a low fat diet -- the "low fat diet" of that study was 30% fat. I would hardly call that low fat!

We don't need animal protein. Primitive diets consisted of very little animal protein, because if you wanted to eat the animal you had to catch it.

Further, several studies show that increased intake of animal protein is linked to cancer, heart disease, and obesity.