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Sunday, May 14, 2006

What to do with Chick Peas

Herself75, my dear sorority sister from college, wants to know what to do with chick peas. Oh, I could go on all day! You can make hummus, a veggie stew, cover with spices and bake in the oven as a snack, or use in place of meat in recipes.

Or, here are a few older posts from this blog that use chick peas:
Veggie Stew (use chick peas instead of cannelini beans, as they're very similar)



herself75 said...

I ended up doing a stir fry with them last night - and I polished it off for lunch today!

I fullexpected hubby to turn up his nose at it and throw a burger on the grill... but he poked at it, asked what was in it and loaded up his plate! he ate everything but the broccoli... I wonder if it has anything to do with him keeping a food journal this week....

Urban Vegan said...

don't forget pasta e ceci. i also love to toss them in salads.