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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Vegan Parents Starve Child

This story caught my eye on CNN -- because of a vegan diet, a six-week old infant starved to death.

There's more to it. The Atlanta Journal Constitution's article describes how the six week-old infant was fed apple juice and soy milk, with limited (if any) breast milk or formula.

Soy milk containers clearly state that they are not a substitute for infant formula. The apple juice acted as a diuretic, which futher dehydrated the baby. The child was born in an apartment bathtub and had never received medical care because the parents were fearful of hospital germs.

At the trial, a vegan diet expert even testified that a vegan diet can be healthy at any age.

A vegan diet didn't kill this child. These were parents who used bad judgement.


herself75 said...

truely disturbing! having had an underweight baby a few months ago (due to food allergies) It astounds me that these parents didnt' seek medical help! if a baby is thin enough to count the bones, then he is probably too weak to cry and certainly too weak to nurse from the breast. It sickens me to think that with just a little bit of correct information, that little boy could be alive, well and happy!

and.. as you've pointed out, breastmilk IS vegan AND by far the BEST food for an infant.

Colin is still vegan and he is almost "caught up" to where his weight should be!

sp said...

You're right the point is that the child starved to death due to neglect.

Regardless it's a troubling headline and a horrific incident as it stands no matter what happened.

Jo said...

Regarding this story, I like the Grumpy Vegan's comment, "The Grumpy Vegan would like to see, however, all future news reports to read, "Meat-eaters Sentenced in Baby's Death." (

Danielle said...

I think I read somewhere that the parents thought even breast milk wasn't vegan. Huh? They're not vegans, they're idiots.