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Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Vegan in Cancun

Since going vegan, I haven't traveled much. I was in Israel a year ago, where following a vegan diet was surprisingly easy. However, Mexico will likely be more challenging.

Soy vehetariana = I am a vegetarian.
Sin carne = Without meat. But, to most doesn't exclude lard, chicken, pork, meat broth, etc.
Es sin carne, pollo y pescado? = Is it without meat, chicken, and fish?
Es sin caldo de pollo o manteca de puerco? = Is it without chicken broth or pork lard?

I'm a little nervous about this aspect of the trip... I'll let you all know how it goes!


sp said...

Well, having traveled all over Mexico I can tell you that you will have an easier time in a place like Cancun that caters to a more turistas and therefore an American style diet. However, in every town I went to there was often a veg restaurant.
Breakfast is easy because there is an abundance of fresh fruit.

Oh, have you been to (international vegetarian union site) . You can search a country that way and it will give you links to veg sites where you can find places to eat.

nature lover said...

I have been vegetarian for a few yars and decided to become fegan recently. I switched from Fat free milk to soy milk but according to what a friend says it may not be that healthy. Apparently it is related to hypothyroidism and it may cause certain allergies. I always thought isoflavones have great benefits but now I'm not so sure.

As a doctor I wonder if you consume soy products and if you recommend given up regular milk (cow milk)for soy milk.

b36Kitchen said...

good luck with your trip! i've heard in some parts of mexico its getting easier to eat a vegan diet.
have fun.