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Friday, September 21, 2007

Hospital Cafeterias

When our patients are hospitalized, we work so hard to teach them how to eat -- low fat, low cholesterol, high fiber, and so forth.

But what does the cafeteria serve? Junk. The entrees are covered in calorie-heavy sauces. There are burgers, and fries, and onion rings. Maybe there's a vegetarian entree, and my hospital prides itself on always having at least one vegetarian option, but that item typically is smothered in cheese.

Yes there is a salad bar and garden burgers are available. But I believe we are sending our patients a mixed message by offering less healthful options.

It's a shame that hospital cafeterias sell out our patients.
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Linda said...

I can totally relate. My oldest son has a congenital heart defect and while in the hospital for his open heart surgery at 2 1/2 years old I brought our own food. The nurses didn't want us to feed him the Naked Juice we brought because the broccoli in it would make him "gassy" and they wanted him to drink the high fructose corn syrup laden "juice" instead. Thank goodness the ped cardiologists (2 of which are veg) were on our side. We wrote letters to the hospital about the lack of heart healthy food. The ped cards said they never ate the hospital food and sent us to veg-friendly restaurants.

VeggieGirl said...

I completely agree - the food that is served in hospital cafeterias, in addition to the slop (err, food) that is served to patients, is revolting. Diet plays a pivotal role in maintaining good health - so why are healthy food options unavailable at hospitals?!?! Something needs to be done.

marygrace said...

i don't remember where i read this, but sometime over the last couple of years there was a buzz about a mcdonalds being put in a hospital. can you imagine?! i was outraged by the thought of it.

Matt! said...

It's too bad you are not at an Adventist hospital! Not that I am Adventist, but after going to an Adventist school I am amazed at what they serve at all of their hospitals. Students used to go there to eat cause it is so good! And for the person who commented above: lots of hospitals have a McDonalds inside. Pretty amazing how far we have to go in the Nutrition field.