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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Lowell Triathlon

Today was my first triathlon since moving to Boston. I think I did ok.

The swim was in a very quiet river. I have a confession: I panic in the water. Somehow, practice swims are no big deal, but when it gets to be race day, I can't seem to breathe in the water, and my hard-practiced form goes to crap. But, it still ends up that swimming is my best event of the three -- go figure.

Anyway, my wise coach Mary told me to get in the water before the start and get acclimated. Great advice, as this was personally my calmest swim ever. I didn't panic nearly as much as I usually do, and I think I did well.

The bike was good too. The course was flat, which is good because I'm not very good at hills.

Then there was the run. It felt hot, and there was absolutely no shade on the course. I started strong, but as time went on, I was really feeling the heat, and I know I slowed down a lot. I kept looking at my watch, wondering why it was taking me 40 minutes to run a 5k, or 3.5 miles, or whatever, but somehow there weren't a lot of other women passing me. Just now, I looked at the web site -- it was a 4 mile run. Whoops!

As usual, I cheer everyone on. I even cheered on a guy who wasn't even competing!

Ok, all in all, I think I did ok. I eagerly await the official results.....


orangina said...

Wow-- sounds like a tough race! I'm so NOT a fan of hot weather, especially without shade, so I totally hear you about the run. And for it to be almost a full mile longer than you were expecting... ugh! That's a real mental challenge. I'm glad you felt calmer in the water, though. That's something I'm really going to have to work on, too. My form gets sloppy and I resort to a desperation stroke! Thanks for writing about the race. I bet you'll find you did much better than you think :)

KleoPatra said...

Wow, VeganDoc, way to go. You are a triathlon pro. I know what you mean about the swim... I don't think i have ever races well in the water, any water. It sounds like you had a good time and that's what really matters. Good job!

Anonymous said...

I find the swim very scary too!
Interesting that you started strong on the run, and then got tired. I just finished my first tri (I'll post about it very soon) and it took 5km for my legs to feel normal again after the bike. I know I need to do more brick workouts!


Melody said...

I thought about you yesterday in this weather... good advice about getting used to the water first. It is odd that even though you panic, the swimmingis usually your best..

Stay cool!