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Monday, July 03, 2006


Here's a whole wheat quesadilla with pinto beans, mixed peppers, salsa, and avocado.
It tasted good but did fall apart somewhat -- probably would have worked better with refried beans.

I've learned something very important today: You can't just "run out" to Whole Foods to "pick up a few things". Because, you have to retrieve your car, weave through irritating Boston traffic even though it's only two miles away, park in the garage (first of course getting lost on a few one-way streets when you know the entrance is but ten feet away), shop, pay, validate your parking, pull back around to the front of the store, retrieve groceries, drive on back to the apartment, put the blinkers on while you run your groceries upstairs, retrieve the car and put it in the garage 4 blocks away, and then walk back to the apartment.

If Lisa weren't busy pushing a baby out right now, she'd likely be proud that this time at least I didn't drive to Framingham.

I miss my suburbs. Next time maybe I'll just have my groceries delivered.


KleoPatra said...

Life in the big city... isn't it a hoot? (Where are the owls?!) I know the feeling well. Have you thought of bike riding there with a backpack, or even some kind of basket on your bike to put stuff, or is that not a possibility???

Danielle said...

I'm lucky that I can walk to the Whole Foods from work (and even from my apartment if I'm feeling ambitious) and catch the bus back home. Is there a bus you can catch? I hear that Boston has a good public transit system.

Anonymous said...

Biking is the way to go!!! I love it when I get to pass all the cars stuck in traffic! In my opinion, cars are perfect for the suburbs. But, once you get into the city core walking, biking or transit are the way to go!

Melody said...

That quesadilla looks yummy....

Oy.. boston is INSANE ... could you bike to Whole Foods? yOu know, you might even look into a Burly Trailer or something for your bike (or something like it, I'm sure they make something similar for groceries...we had one when our kids were little and there was TONS of room in there)

Lisa said...

Alas, no baby yet. Will be sure to let you know when that happens, though. :-)

As for getting to/from Whole Foods, my best suggestion is to walk (or bike, I suppose) with a backpack. Or two, if you are willing to wear one on each shoulder. OR, you could always buy one of those wheelie grocery carts and take it with you for runs where you've got more than you can fit in a backpack. When Josh and I shopped at Whole Foods in the city, we'd each carry a bag (backpack for me since I carry best on my shoulders, LL Bean Bag for him since it holds a lot and he doesn't mind heavy weights in his hands. That would generally take us for a week or so, and I would imagine you could handle as much in a pair of backpacks or similar.

However, if you're driving, I'd suggest that you pick a Whole Foods that's maybe farther away, but has better parking and is easier to get to. There's one in Allston that I used to go to a lot, and getting there is pretty simple. Plus, they've got a good-sized parking lot. Remind me to email you directions. :-)

Alternatively, have you looked for a Trader Joe nearby? Might be one a little closer.

Wish I could be out there to help you get settled! Adapting to city life from the suburbs can be tough, but I think it's totally worth the hassle once you get the hang of it. And you KNOW how I love Boston...!!!!

*sigh* Hurry up, kid, so we can go visit Auntie VeganDoc in the city...

VeganDoc said...

Thanks for the suggestions... perhaps taking the T and a big backpack is the way to go. And Lisa, best wishes to you :)

lisa said...

Thanks. Midwife says we're getting nowhere. I am about to (eventually) give birth to the laziest kid in the world...!!!

BTW, Josh suggests using the Whole Foods in Cambridgeport because it'll be just as fast for you to get there, and they have a ton of parking. Will drop you an email with directions. :-)