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Monday, September 11, 2006

First Place!!!!

I just checked the results of the Hale Reservation Duathlon that I did yesterday.... I came in FIRST PLACE for my age group, 30-34 women!

I think that's pretty cool. But, there were only 4 women in my age category. Further, I think that my placing may have been a function much of me just getting less lost on the bike course than the others did. Also, watching people in transition, I got the feeling that most of these folks weren't too experienced with triathlons.

Nonetheless, this is an awesome way to end the triathlon season! First place -- whoo hoo!


Chick Pea said...

so happy for you!!

hugs--the bean

Anonymous said...

That is AWESOME! Go you! And there's no need to qualify the accomplishment, remember? 1st place is 1st place!
-Jen (orangina from vegtriathlete)

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you. That must inspire you to run hard for the half marathon! Go get-em'! You are such an inspriation.

megan the vegan

Danielle said...

Hey, you were first. It's not like you were third out of four. You WON! And you deserve a hearty mazel tov!

Harmonia said...

That's strange...I thought I already left a message for you here. Oh's my new one..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! There's a message for you on Veggin' Out, btw!

Hope your day is a special one!!!

kleo2 said...

Good job, VeganDoc! I'm so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!

edgeofnormal said...

Haapy birthday, but i'm with Jen-- no need to qualify! Who cares if there were 4? It doesn't matter. You still got first. And that's also better than all of the people who DIDN'T EVEN ENTER and got nada!