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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Kids-2-Camp Tri

My last triathlon of the season was interesting to say the least. This was a trail and mountain bke race. The swim got cancelled due to poor water quality, so at the last minute it was converted to a duathlon, with an initial run of 1.9 miles, bike 6 miles, and run 2.5 (though I think this leg was far shorter than 2.5).

The trail ride was extremely rocky, and negotiating it with my piece of garbage Toys R Us mountain bike was a scary proposition. I nearly wiped out a few times and walked my bike several times. On top of this, about ten of us took a wrong turn on the poorly marked trail.

But, tri season is over. I'm so glad -- now I can run all I want and focus on the half marathon in October.


kleo2 said...

Time for a better bike, 'eh?!

Sounds like it was interesting no matter!!

Keep up the great training for your October race, Vegan Doc! We're rootin' for ya.

Anonymous said...

That type of bike ride would scare me too. I've never been much for trail's just too rough. Good to know you made it through injury free!

Good luck training for the half marathon.

Megan the vegan

Harmonia said...

I have been looking at bikes lately, too. I'm afraid to ride mine. I haven't in needs new brakes, tires, and a tune up. It would just be cheaper to buy a new one.

Glad you are okay and back in your house all comfy cozy!

How ironic is this? My verification word is USORE. U Sore? teehee

herself75 said...

I have a mental image of you on hte trail ride and it's pretty funny! :p congrats on another race down! Keep up the good work! I know you'll do well in the October race!

Myles2Go said...

I'm an organizer for the Hale Kidz2Camp triathlon. I found your blog while googling to see how our race was represented on the 'net.

The closing of Noanet Pond two days before the race introduced a bit of chaos into our plans. The pond is open now and has large aerators installed in it running constantly to keep it healthy, and (though I see you moved out of state) I hope you will consider doing the race again if you are around.

As for the wrong turn ..... yes, very embarrasing for us. The volunteer who was stationed there heard a crash and ran up the trail to help someone. During that time a pack of riders went by and made the wrong turn. In the pack was the wife of the volunteer who is also the race director!! Let me apologize for that and assure you that there is now a STRONG FOCUS on trail marking.

I have an odometer on my Mtn bike and plan to re-measure the trails as I suspect you are right about the run length.

I like your blog and wish you well in future races.

Myles Collins
Race Organizer
Hale Kidz2Camp Triathlon
Westwood, MA