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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Bringing Vegan Treats

It's always been interesting to me how people react to vegan treats.

I baked some vegan brownies (no pics because my camera is MIA -- I think it's in California with Kevin and Mary Ruth) and brought them to work on Friday. I walked into our break room, said, "Have some brownies" to the two people who were there, and set them on the table and walked away.

I don't like to make a big deal of the vegan thing. But, since everyone knows I'm a vegan, most of them are going to put two and two together and figure out that the brownies are probably vegan too. The only person whom I pointed out the "vegan brownies" to was another vegan who crosses through the cath lab every so often.

Brave or more worldly omnivores will try a brownie and enjoy. And, of course those people who have no idea that they're vegan will see brownies and try one. I don't EVER bring mediocre vegan food -- I hate to give vegans a bad name.

Those who are less experienced might laugh and stay away from the vegan brownies out of fear that they're going to taste funny. They might "dare" someone else to try one. Then that person will try one, say "mmmm that's good!" and get laughed at -- "Ha ha ha you ate vegan brownies!"

All in all, though, I like bringing treats to work. I love baking, and I love eating, but if I didn't share, I'd eat the whole tray of brownies myself. On top of that, people learn that you don't need animal products to have a tasty sinful snack.


Melissa said...

Amen to that. I have brought nanaimo bars and brownies to work before so that I don't eat them all. Not everyone knows I'm a vegan there, and those that do know, know not to tell they all eat it :)

Unknown said...

I'm sure they were good, but how did they go over?

Brooke said...

I do that too, just set them down and see who makes a big deal about them, or who is open-minded. I just gave my hunting meat freak neighbors a new years gift basket with loads of vegan cookies and desserts but didn't say a word about them being vegan. I am curious if they actually eat them, considering they know what kind of baker I am..... :-)

zenpawn said...

I find it's not so much the vegan-ness of my treats that people might shy away from, but rather the low fat content. It generally takes far less sugar and fat to satisfy my sweet tooth than your typical carnivore. So, I now use canola oil in my baked goods for others. It's still healthy enough that I can sample it, but the majority is shared. For me, snacks are usually simple and on-the-fly. When giving them away, however, like you say, I want to present veganism in a "positive" light.

urban vegan said...

As my omni husband always says, "Good food is good food."

Sad to say, but it's their loss.

Happily, I usually find that most people [and they know I'm vegan] try my food and are pleasantly surprised.

Happy New Year!

MeloMeals said...

so true.. it is so bizzare to me the way people react to vegetarian and vegan food...

Just eat it and enjoy! people are funny.

Herself, the GeekGirl said...

I've never noticed the difference between vegan and non-vegan baked quick breads. Except that mine tend to be more "crumbly".

Unknown said...

Definitely true! You're so right about the "haha, you just ate a vegan brownie!" scenario. Why does everyone turn into a 9th grade boy around vegan food? :)