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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Why Vegan?

A reader asks:

Please explain, how is it natural to be vegan? I don't see how being vegan promotes a healthier lifestyle than if one were have a healthy diet that consisted of meat. If everyone were vegan, I wonder how things would work in the large scheme of things. Would love your insight...

Vegetarian diets are lower in saturated fat and are free of cholesterol, with more fruits, vegetables, and fiber. And, some studies suggest that vegetarians live longer than non-vegetarians. A longer, more detailed explanation is offered here.

If everyone were vegan, the impact on the planet would be very positive. At present, factory farming pollutes our environment while consuming huge amounts of water, grain, petroleum, pesticides and drugs. Vegan Outreach provides an excellent explanation.


kennyboy said...

I kinda' ticks me off a little bit how all of these STOP GLOBAL WARMING websites, and even Al Gore's film itslef, all fail to mention the easiest thing that people could do to have an ENORMOUS efect on reducing our impact on the planet, and that is STOP EATING MEAT.

Just imagine all the energy that is wasted to raise 100 pounds of grain to feed to an animal to produce 1 pound of meat. Not to mention all of the energy spent hauling all of those animals around and then keeping their dead flesh refrigerated to fend off decay and maggots as long as possible when you could have saved ALL of that energy and had 100 pounds of food at the beginning.

It just doesn't make any sense to spend all that energy and produce all of that pollution to turn 100 pounds of food (grain or vegetable) into 1 pound of dead meat.

I wonder when will people get it?

herself75 said...

I was just talking to my lactation specalist about something similar. how much power does the dairy lobby have that we are making kids take meds just to force another mammels milk in to them! ok if it is starve or cow milk.. I'm all for the cow milk... oh wait that'd kill me too...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information!
the reader who left the original comment

katwoman said...

Where's the proof that vegetarians live longer? Where's the proof that vegans live longer?

Danielle said...

Actually, it's not quite 100 pounds of grains going into a pound of meat, kenny. Not even close. But there is an incredible amount of waste, with 70 percent of the grain grown in the U.S. going to feed animals who are bred for food, all the water that is wasted, all the water that is contaminated by runoff from animal confinement facilities. Cows belch out 25 gallons of methane per cow per day--tons and tons of greenhouse gasses from confined animals.

I won't suggest we could feed the world if more people went veg or ate less meat because that's an issue of food distribution, not necessarily food being fed to animals to be fed to humans.

Herself, one of my neighbors told me that her twentysomething niece is lactating--and she has never had a child and is most certainly not pregnant. She thinks it's the milk she drinks. And with over 60 percent of African Americans registering some kind of lactose intolerance, the "got milk" ads could be considered a little racist, don't you think?

Urban Vegan said...

Hear, hear.

KleoPatra said...