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Monday, March 19, 2007

My Talk at Boston Vegetarian Society

I gave my talk on "Vegetarian Diets and Heart Disease" to the Boston Vegetarian Society yesterday. The feedback that I've gotten is good. It's a good thing I did some reading in advance because there were some very challenging questions from the audience.

So, thanks for the suggestions of things you would want to hear about -- I did incorporate some ideas into the talk.


Anonymous said...

I was at your talk last night and I thought it was very informative - thanks a lot! I attended it because I read your blog - I've never been to a BVS event before though I just signed up at their website and got the email notice about the seminar. I didn't catch the name of the study that you mentioned that talked about vegans, calcium and fractures. Would you mind posting that info? That will help me answer back to all the folks who wonder if I'm getting enough calcuim (I'm way over the amount mentioned in the study).

Thanks! Tracy (

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog...very cool...I'm a pediatric intensivist in Los Angeles...went to medical school at Tufts! Am a carnivore trying very hard to lose the meat...your cool photos make it look like fun. I think I'll learn a lot from your blog!

Bill said...

I was planning to go, but was unable to attend due to something that came up at the last minute. That was dismaying, since I really looked forward to the talk. :>(

Can you post the answer to Tracy's question (above) in a blog or a comment reply? That was something I was also curious about.

Any chance you could blog a summary of what you spoke about at the BVS meeting?



stella said...

Doc! Hello. Sounds like you're becoming something of a vegan celebrity out there! Well done.

My news is this: I have gone veggie. Expect to see me around a bit more ready to steal some food ideas.

herself75 said...

Along the lines of Tracy's question, do you know if it is true that we can extract more calcium from plant based sources than dairy? this came up at a LLL meeting when we were discussing calcium absorption and vitamin D supplements...

KleoPatra said...

Wow! I wish i'd been there... that is a substantial thing you did, to speak like that in front of a group. I love that you did that, H. WELL DONE!!!