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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Fitness Rituals

My weekend mornings are about working out. When I was actively running, one of those mornings was always a long run. As I've been recovering from my IT band issues, I've created new rituals.

Saturday morning is one and a half to two hours at the gym. There are two spinning classes, 9 am and 10 am, and I go to one of those, whichever I wake up in time for. Then I do some weights and abs for 30-45 minutes.

Sunday morning is kickboxing! There's a great 10:30-11:30 class at my gym, and lots of punching and kicking. I almost skipped kickboxing this morning to do my taxes, but I'm so glad I went -- I feel so energized!

Once I start running again, these rituals will change. But for now, they keep me charged up for my weekends.


Sonya said...

You know, I love the weekend for working out. It doesn't feel cumbersome for some reason - and I never feel "rushed". You're right - it's energizing, and a great way to set a tone for the weekend.

Veg-a-Nut said...

Keep up the good work doc. I am so happy you are getting better everyday.