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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Rollerblading and the Law

It was a beautiful New England day, partly sunny and in the high 60's. Not typical for mid-March. I felt the urge to rollerblade.

So, I grabbed my bag with my rollerblades and pads and walked the mile or so up to the Esplanade, the paths that run along the Charles River. I put on my rollerblades and padding and headed down the path, leaving my bag with my shoes and other rollerblade equipment behind a tree.

A half an hour and an awesome workout later, I return to see that my bag is gone. There is a State Trooper vehicle parked nearby, with my bag sitting on top of it. I rollerblade over, and the trooper gets out of the car.

Trooper: Is this your bag?
Me: Yes.
Trooper: You know, you shouldn't be leaving bags out here.
Me: There's nothing valuable. It's just shoes...
Trooper: We don't know what's in it. What if it was stolen? You'd be calling us up. In fact, I could be calling out the bomb squad.

Oh my... a big deal over a bag! Next time I'll just have to carry my blades and tuck my shoes behind a tree, without a bag of course.

But seriously, I hate to be equated to the guys who paralyzed the city with their Cartoon Network advertisement devices. After all, there is real crime in this city to be fought too. People are getting stabbed on the orange line, among other things.

Leave me alone. Go fight crime, and let me rollerblade.


Sheree' said...

I am sorry you had to have that kind of an ending to your perfect rollarblading day. Yea, there is more important crime fighting to be done then shoes behind a tree.

MeloMeals said...

wow.. that is nuts.

KleoPatra said...

ARGH!!! Wow, i hear you. Makes me hear the lyrics, "i fought the law, and the law won..." Sorry this happened to you!

When you move to SoCal, if you head San Diego way, i got lotsa great places to show you where you can skate to your heart's desire! And NO cops buggin'!

Unknown said...

well, at least someone was paying attention... maybe use a clear or mesh bag. that way any passers by would say "ok- shoes .. not a bomb!" and move on. lucky for you they probably won't get stolen b/c who the heck would fit in them :P

Jody from VegChic said...

That is crazy, just downright silly. Sorry, you had to put up with that. The whole cartoon network thing was just silly too. They weren't bombs, but the bomb squad actually blew up some of them. Why is it ok for them to make bombs out of benign items? BTW - No other city reacted in the way Boston did. Also I saw an article a few weeks back were Boston cops blew up a traffic counting box that was being used on MassHighway project because they didn't know what it is. (Even though they are used all over the city/state.)

Anyway, I've been swamped and have not stayed in touch at all...though I do lurk at your blog. Did you ever get any feedback from that magazine re: your dairy message?

I'm going to try my best to get to Grasshopper Sunday. Looking forward to seeing you/your presentation and yummy Grasshopper food!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps put a name-tag on the bag, and then ask to leave it at a store or a gas station behind the counter? On the Cambridge side of the Charles, there is Trader Joe's on Memorial Drive and Whole Foods Market near River Street and Memorial Drive ... I'm sure they would hold it for you ... then fill it up with purchased WFM vegan treats when you pick it up. :>).

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just came across your website. That's crazy! Oh, popos. Anywho, I was hoping if you could tell me what's a good place to buy rollerblades. I am also vegan and wonder if you applied that to your material purchases. Thanks!

Anonymous said...
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