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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Boot Camp

Just to mix things up a bit, and because I don't have another triathlon in the foreseeable future, I'm taking a few boot camp classes this week. This morning I ran 2.2 miles in 19:45 (9 minutes per mile, not too bad for me on a humid early morning), did 57 push-ups in 2 minutes, and 55 sit-ups in 2 minutes. I'd love to run faster, but I'm content with the others.

The class is 13 weeks long -- I would love to stay for the entire length of the class, since it seems like it's going to be pretty challenging. But, I will be moving to LA. I'm going to try to find something like that there. That would be fun.


marygrace said...

the bootcamp sounds great. lately i've been really interested in getting involved with some sort of class or other group fitness activity. it would be a nice, motivating change from my usual solitary workouts.

i am travelling to los angeles later this summer for vacation. i am really looking forward to taking some runs in the beautiful weather they have there, it will be a treat compared to the east coast's stick climate this time of year.

KleoPatra said...

Go you!! That boot camp sounds stellar. There are plenty of those in SoCal, by the way. You'll be hooked up in no time if you want, believe me. Here's a link you will want to keep handy (i use it for the calendar i put together every week for the newspaper and for my own plans!)

Keep up the great work, Vegan Doc!