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Saturday, June 16, 2007

The End of Training

This week, I'll be finishing up my interventinoal cardiology fellowship.

It's an exciting time. I'll be moving to Los Angeles and joining a group there. And finally, I'll be earning a salary that matches with the amount of years of education and training that I have.

Now, after seven years of training after graduating medical school, I'll be an interventional cardiology attending physician. I must admit, it's a little daunting to be on my own. No longer will I have my attending scrubbed at the table with me to ask, "What do you think of that lesion? Should we use this balloon?" and so forth. It'll just be me and a radiation tech. But, I think I'm ready for the challenge.

Leaving Boston will be bittersweet. I'll be leaving friends, mentors, and coworkers. Boston has been a really fun place to be. For those of you who know me in real life, you know that the decision to come to Boston was a challenging one, but if I had to do it over I wouldn't change it in a heartbeat.

So, on to a new city and a new stage of life.


KleoPatra said...

i'm so excited yer headed West. i know it's tough leaving where you are but... i admire your sense of adventure. i think you're going to like it here! Shabbat Shalom!

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

You must be so excited to be almost done! Congrats and good luck!

DrWes said...

* Pop pop, dil dil, oh what a relief it is! *

Congrats and best of luck!

tara said...

I know this is late in coming, I haven't been to your blog in quite some time, but I want to congratulate you and wish you the best of luck on your new path.


Marcus Miller said...

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