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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Finding Time to Work Out

Here's how I get the training in. This year I've had one of the most unpredictable schedules. I've been on call literally every other day for the entire year. So, my schedule has had to be flexible for those days when I stay late at work to finish a case, or if I get called in off hours.

I've gotten accustomed to running with my pager, putting my pager on the side of my spinning bike and checking it every few minutes because I know I can't hear it with the booming music, and bringing my pager poolside in case it goes off while I swim.

But, I've managed to fit in triathlon training. In fact, ever since my third year of medical school, ten years ago, I've exercised at least three days a week. Right now in the midst of triathlon season, I average six days a week.

For example, here's what I did this week (and what I plan on doing for the rest of the week):
Monday -- 6:30 am -- Master Swim, 1 hour, 2000 meters
-- 6:00 pm -- Outdoor bike ride with women's group, 21 miles, 1.5 hours
Tuesday -- 6:30 pm -- Speed training run, about 4 miles total, three speed loops of about 0.4 miles each
Wednesday -- 6:30 am -- Master Swim, 1 hour, 2250 meters
Thursday -- 7:15 am -- Tempo run, 50 minutes, about 4.5 miles with 2.5 miles of fairly hard pace running on the Esplanade
-- 6:15 pm -- Spinning class, 45 minutes
Friday -- 6:00 am -- Weights with my personal trainer, 1 hour, followed by a short run if the mood strikes me
Saturday -- DAY OFF (it always feels weird not to work out)
Sunday -- TRIATHLON!!!!!!!!

ADDENDUM -- Even after writing this, I had to change it up. I spent a few hours at the hospital in the middle of the night on Thursday, so Friday became my DAY OFF and my personal trainer was kind enough to train me on Saturday.


Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Good luck on your tri!
Your schedule sounds awesome --- I miss my daily workouts, and can't wait to get back to them!

Veg-a-Nut said...

I only wish I had that kind of discipline. Like I have said before you are an inspiration to us all. I am hoping that when my back and leg get better I can do my 4 mile walk again. Right now I have pool therapy 2x a week. Good luck on your tri!!!

KleoPatra said...

Go H!!! Yer such a star. Thanks for sharing this with us, always an inspiration. Can't wait till yer out West... got some fun places to show you to work out!!