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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Runner Safety

On Saturday night around 11:15 pm, a young woman was sexually assaulted while she was jogging along the Boston Esplanade.

What on earth is she doing running alone that late???

I run on the Esplanade at least three days a week. But I sure don't run there in the dark.

I've been harrassed while running. About nine years ago, I was running through a densely wooded park near my parents' home in the daylight, but completely alone. A man walked up to me. "Excuse me, can you tell me which way is Commerce Road?" I pointed him in the correct direction.

He then ran toward me. I turned around. He said, "You have great #$%@. Do you mind if I squeeze them?"

I was so scared, I turned around and sprinted out of there, out of the woods and a half mile home to my parents. Winded, in tears, I called the police.

From that time on, I've been more cautious. A hard way to learn a lesson, and I was lucky that I wasn't hurt.


KleoPatra said...

Oh girl, i am sorry that happened to you, and terribly sorry for the woman who was assaulted. i have to tell you how pissed off i get that we have to be in fear at all... that we can only run by day...

There is this great park near my house that has trails and also a path that is lit up at night that goes around a field. People use the park all morning, afternoon and evening for soccer games, lacrosse, playing with their dogs, jogging, etc.

At night, i've been there just a few tiems and it's a little eerie, even tho it's in a "good" neighborhood. i was there a couple of weeks ago, probably about 8 or 9 p.m. with Peter and our dogs and there was a guy running alone and Peter, a serious runner, said, "Man, if i lived here, i would totally train here at night, in this perfect weather." And y'know, H, as happy as i would be for him to be able to train in such a nice park in just great temps, it just infuriated me inside that *I* would never be able to do what that guy was doing, to do what Peter would if he lived in my neck of the woods.

It's just SO not fair. Anyway, i'm so sad to hear about what happened to that woman, and i can't imagine your fright from what happened to you. It's just SO not fair.

Unknown said...

terrifying! thanks for reminding me to register for the women's self-defense seminar....

Sheree' said...

I am so sad for this young lady. I don't even like going to the store at night by myself. It has just gotten to scary.

We live in a pretty safe area, but you just never know who is going to be around the next dark corner. I am glad you were not seriously hurt and that you were able to focus on getting away when that happend to you.

Self awarness and defense classes are a very smart choice these days.

Anonymous said...

Are you joking? A woman is assaulted and instead of "what was that man thinking? " we get what was she thinking? The esplanade runs along some of the toniest neighborhods in Boston. But hey, why stop sexual violence in Back Bay? We let guns kill kids in Mission Hill. What are those parents thinking living there?

Can we start blaming the criminals and those - like our intrepid mayor - who have no idea how to thwart them - instead of the victims?

yes, she could have been more aware. If we were ALL more aware, maybe we could run along the river on a hot summer night w/o worries.