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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Silk Chocolate

This evening, I'm enjoying some Silk Chocolate -- Vanilla Silk with Hershey's dark chocolate syrup.

Has anyone tried the new reformulated 8th Continent vanilla soymilk? Any thoughts???


Danielle said...

Just so you know, 8th Continent is not vegan. It has vitamin D3, which is sourced from lanolin. Unless, of course, the reformulation was to make it vegan.

Anonymous said...

The friggin' insanity of processed food! Gar! I like Silk soymilk the best, and it is, according to the label, vegan.

On a related note, just read in the newspaper that Kellogg's is taking the trans fat out some of its food. "Great!," I think. Then, I read they are replacing the hyrdogented oils with a GMO soybean oil from Monsanto! For the love of God! You can't win! So, you give up the heart-clogging fat to support a company that may in fact have Satan as its CEO. So, add Kellogg's to the list of companies I boycott. Hmmm . . . creating some vegan commune sounds like a better idea every day.

VeganHeartDoc said...

Thanks for the information, anonymous. Truthfully, I haven't taken the time to read up about GMO, but from all I have heard about it, it sounds like something worthwhile to know.

And Danielle, thanks for pointing out that 8th Continent was not vegan. See the next post-- I called the company and their new formula is vegan. Too bad it tastes lousy.